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What Will We Do Without Dubya?

I’ve almost forgotten what it feels like to have civil rights! What will I do without W to invoke fear and division in our country on an hourly basis? Here are some things I will miss when he leaves office no matter who is elected to replace him…

Feeling nauseous and embarrassed every time the President of my country, who speaks for me as far as the rest of the world knows, opens his mouth.

Sending secret messages to the CIA and FBI via their illegal wire taps.

Being hated by pretty much every other nation because our leader has something to prove to his daddy. (Nepotism at its best.)

The middle east hates the United States now more than ever! Hooray!

Paying the same taxes without being granted the same rights.

Being forced to pay for social security benefits I will never receive. (Wait, that will probably stay the same.)

Seeing footage of our nation’s leader fishing while at the site of a national natural disaster of horrific proportions.

Declaring war without declaring war.

Declaring victory without winning.

That annoying grin.

The nicknames he has for all of the friends he has appointed to a major office with no real experience. (I particularly liked Turdblossom– that was quite classy.)

The President of the United States “reading” a book to a classroom upside down while posing for the photo op.

Undercover CIA agents being hung out to dry.

All of the talk of those pesky weapons of mass destruction that we have yet to find.

The rich getting richer and the chasm between wealth and poverty growing ever deeper.

Secret prisons and torture being A-OK.

Scooter Libby is an actual name in the news. And gets pardoned for a crime he did commit.

Dick Cheney’s soft side. oh, wait…. hmmmm…. never mind.

Firing 8 US attorney because….umm… why was that?

National debt growing at an unprecedented rate.

Want some specific details? Here are a few…

Stellar relief to national disasters: For instance: Eleven thousand brand new mobile homes sinking into the Arkansas mud. It seems no one in the administration knew there were federal and state laws prohibiting trailers in flood zones. Oops. That little mistake cost you $850 million — and counting.

Stellar concern for citizens’ health care: For instance, in 2006, nearly 50 million Americans couldn’t afford medical insurance. Yet, the administration proposed a budget that would cut $40 billion from domestic social programs, including health care for the working poor.

Faith based initiatives… ahem… “Despite the Bush administration’s rhetorical support for religious charities, the amount of direct federal grants to faith-based organizations declined from 2002 to 2004, according to a major new study released yesterday….The study released yesterday “is confirmation of the suspicion I’ve had all along, that what the faith-based initiative is really all about is de-funding social programs and dumping responsibility for the poor on the charitable sector,” said Kay Guinane, director of the nonprofit advocacy program at OMB Watch..”

We are approaching a $1 trillion annual trade deficit

Americans have achieved a negative savings rate. In 2006, the average American credit card debt was $9,000.

January 2008, the national unemployment rate crosses the recession threshold.

I’ve depressed myself. All I can do now is VOTE!


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