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May the Force Be With You: How Star Wars extrapolates into the evolution of the American government. Just my thoughts.

Think about it. In the first 3 original movies, Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, and The Return of the Jedi, it was clearly established that The Emporer and Darth Vader were the evil leaders of the bad guys, the Empire, run by a ruthless dictatorship. The stormtroopers were their minions of death. The rebel alliance were the few, scattered underdogs… the good guys fighting for what was right. It was very simple.

Then Lucas had to go and make the prequels, which turned all that on its ear. Apparently, Darth Vader started as a Jedi knight, Anikan, one of the good guys. And the Stormtroopers were the soldiers for the jedi knights who served the empire, then run by a senate. But then, because he was jilted in love and burned beyond recognition, and weak by nature, Anakin fell to the dark side, donned the infamous suit and mask, and became the right hand man of the Emporer, who had taken over the Empire, dispersed the power of the senate, and started a reign of terror, and in that swing of the pendulum, also took over the stormtroopers and thus the “dark side” was born.

What??? Darth Vader started off as a crusader for good until he was turned by pain and temptation and weakness?
What??? The Stormtroopers were the soldiers for the jedi knights and the democratic empire?
What??? The Empire was a democracy run by a senate until it was taken over by a ruthless dictator who then turned a young weak-hearted jedi knight into a figurehead of fear and turned the military forces to serve his purposes?
What??? The Senate became ineffective, and eventually disbanded?

This means that Dick Cheney is the Emporer, Bush is Darth Vader, the Stormtroopers are the US military, and the Empire is, well, the United States government. We may still have a senate, but they have been rendered essentially ineffective under our current “dictatorship. Who is the rebel alliance? The citizens being accused of being anti-american because they want our country to go back to a time when our leaders were fair, honest, and true to the people, not just their own agendas. Who are the Jedi Knights? I would say at this point, Obama and Clinton are the Luke and Lea of modern times, just not related. Let’s just hope we don’t find out that Bush is their Daddy. đŸ™‚

Kinda weird, isn’t it?


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