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Interactive blogging… Name that movie

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OK, so I’m not sure what to write about because there’s too much going on to choose from right now, what with all of the crazies out there (you know who you are), the election, life in general, and all the other things that just simply piss me off (that I’m sure I’ll get around to ranting about at some point.) So for now, I’m starting a series of interactive blogs. Really it’s just a way to see who’s paying attention out there and keep you on your toes. Here’s how it will work. I will put a quote from a movie, and you will answer in the comment section with the name of the movie. When someone gets it right (and I expect it to happen quickly, people), I will post another quote from another movie to start it over. Ready? Let’s go!

“I love my dead gay son.”

Let’s make it interesting and say if you can also tell me the actor’s name who said the line, I will then counter with another actor from that movie and a line they said… (if I can). You are welcome to continue to respond in kind until either one of us is just stumped and gives up and runs away with our tail between our legs or we quote the entire movie (whichever happens first.)

Let the confusion and chaos begin. I repeat

“I love my dead gay son.”

Nicely done, Jess and Jen, but Jess upped the ante. Yes, it was Heathers… (see Jess’s comments for full details.)

So, now, I give you both

“It’s one thing to want someone out of your life, but it’s another thing to serve them a wake-up cup full of liquid drainer.” – character Veronika Sawyer, actress Winona Ryder

and “You’re the shepherd.”


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  1. Good Will Hunting. Sean. Robin Williams.

  2. Heathers.

    The football player’s daddy…

  3. Oh oh! Pick me!
    Movie: Heathers
    Character: Kurt’s father
    Actor: Mark Carlton!


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