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At the risk of losing any cool points and/or street cred I may have gained with those around me in my life, I’m going to put it all on the line with this one statement. I like The Gilmore Girls. I just do. It’s a really good show! If you don’t like it, then you are missing a piece of your heart or soul. Find it! Go now!! For if you don’t soon, you may never be able to recapture it, and, as a result, never have the opportunity to fully appreciate this TV show that truly speaks to me. It could speak to you too. But you have to take that chance. What do you have to lose besides an hour of your life? You know you spend more time a day on myspace than that already. Come on. You know you want to… somewhere… deep in the recesses of your mind you are wondering… “Hey, why not? Maybe I will like it.” Perhaps that scares you. I embrace my love of The Gilmore Girls. Dare you?


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