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What I Meant to Say Was…

OK, so I kinda feel bad for calling John McCain a pussy. That wasn’t very nice.

And as we all know because it’s all we hear on every channel on every station and at every speech, he is a decorated war hero who endured years of torture for his country and fellow soldiers. And for that I offer my respect and admiration.

But that’s kinda where it ends. And the fact that he really has nothing else to run his presidential campaign on is extremely frustrating. I’ve been watching the RNC. That’s ALL they talk about. That and about how afraid America needs to be if the Democrats win this election. They can’t even come up with an original game plan for the presidential election.

Dennis Miller apparently was really fond of the phrase “smoke and mirrors” in reference to Obama. Really? Dennis you’re the pot. Obama’s the kettle. And this is a much better metaphor than I intended it to be when I started typing. It would seem to me that if the only thing your party has to offer is scare tactics, accusations of a lack of patriotism in the citizens who do question their authority, and the same old story about the POW camp he was in 30+ years ago, then they don’t really have much of a platform at all.
And I love how Obama has no experience and that’s a problem, but Palin has no experience and that makes her not jaded and not entrenched in the political machine and that’s a good thing.

You guys aren’t two-faced. You’re six-faced. You say something different depending on whether you’re talking about your side or our side. You’re a die. And I don’t feel like rolling you and seeing what you come up with tomorrow because I’m buying a house tomorrow and I need this country to start recovering from the CRAP that your party has loaded us down with.

I am proud of America. But I am looking for reasons to be even more proud. That’s not unpatriotic, it’s responsible. I’m proud of its citizens who yearn for America to be a compassionate leader of the world. I’m proud of the citizens who want to learn and grow and expand and make the world a better place for everyone, not just Americans. I’m proud of the citizens who realize they don’t know everything and go out to discover more. I’m proud of the citizens who open their minds and hearts to people who are different from them, whether culturally, racially, ideologically, or just physically. I’m proud of the citizens who know that America isn’t the only country in the world and we need to stop living like we are. We aren’t entitled to any more than anyone else that’s out there. And I’m proud of the citizens who know that people with different opinions and views have to figure out how to exist together instead of trying to legislate those who are different out of their (as you would say) God given, constitutional, and basically human rights just to make themselves feel better and less uncomfortable. Everyone is entitled to the same level of respect, compassion, and freedom. And that means without people spewing hate and judgment that isn’t even theirs to offer.

Simply put that means that I don’t like it when I’m at the beach just listening to my IPOD and you settle your family down 2 feet from my beach blanket. Your kids annoy me. It was quiet before you got there. Now it’s not. You look at me funny as if I’ve done something wrong because you can’t tell if I’m a boy or a girl. Then I have to watch you grope each other as you clumsily make out on your Saving Nemo beach blanket while the kids aren’t watching because really it’s kinda like a train wreck so I have to watch. But honestly, I don’t want to see that. But you know what? It’s a public beach. And if I don’t like it, I can move. Because you and your obnoxious children have as much right to be there as I do. And I can only assume this is probably the only vacation you get this year so if you wanna swap saliva when you get the chance, you should totally go for it. Personally, it grosses me out and I don’t want to watch. But I don’t have to. And it’s MY problem.

I digress. What I’m trying to say is that you republicans NO LONGER get to say you are great patriots and I’m not. You have plenty of reasons why…Because I’m a woman (oh, wait you can’t use that one now…). Hurry, regroup! Or queer. Or don’t fit into society’s idea of what’s normal by the clothes I wear. Or don’t wear. Or am against this war. Or vote democratic. Your holier than thou (and I mean *actually* holier than thou) attitude makes me sick. You are not the only people who love this country. Now listen because this is the important part. There are people in this country who love it EVEN MORE than you because we want EVERYONE in this country to have the freedom to worship, love, and live their lives free of discrimination, condescending judgement, and ignorant fear-based hate. You can’t say that. Why? Because you don’t understand. You don’t understand people who are different from you. Neither do I.

But the difference here is that I recognize that, and I don’t think people should change to suit my comfort level. If that were the case, I would demand that hetero marriages cease to exist because there’s nothing grosser to me than seeing you straight couples on your family vacations making out on the beach all pale and hanging out of your bathing suits while your obnoxious kids run around screaming and kicking sand on me and yelling “Hey mommy is that a boy or a girl?” I suppose if I “dressed correctly” and “cut my hair like girls are supposed to” then you would be able to tell easier so you’d know you should treat me differently because I have a vagina.
Do you even appreciate the fact that you *can* do that (kiss in public) without worrying about being straight bashed, beaten up, or even killed just because you made some random asshole uncomfortable? What would you say to that? They didn’t have to watch? It’s none of their business? You’re in love? You weren’t doing anything wrong? I agree. That’s my point.

Listen. I’m queer. I have a vagina but wear guys’ clothes. I have short hair. I’ve been called quite a few expletives just for walking down the street minding my own business. I can’t and don’t walk anywhere alone without being a little concerned for my safety just because of the way I look. You know what is great about it though? I’m just as much of an American as that awkward 16 year old kid working at McDonald’s or that crazy woman at the KFC who posts scripture at the drive through window or whoever drives that insane ice cream truck in our neighborhood that plays Christmas carols in July or the asshole that cut me off on 495 in his Lexus or the woman that checks me out at the grocery store or Tom Cruise or Oprah Winfrey or Dennis fucking Miller. And that’s a fact.

I am fully prepared for the fact that Republicans may win this election. If they do, it saddens me because I feel like their victory would be at quite a cost by preying on ignorance, fear and exploitation. I personally hope they don’t because I don’t feel like I have very many more civil liberties left to lose. But even if they take what’s left away, they will never be better Americans than I am. Or you are. Because it doesn’t work that way.

I just wish the rest of the country would figure that out and stop being controlled by the threat of being called a bad American or unpatriotic for thinking on their own and embracing CHANGE. It’s the only way this nation will grow and survive.

So Senator McCain, I apologize for insinuating that you are a pussy. That was not very nice and not at all respectful. But I do not agree with the direction you want to take this country. I do not agree with most of your policies. I do agree with Obama’s policies. He said this election is not about him. It’s about us, the citizens of America. I agree. And that also means this election is not about you. I respect you for your service, but I do not owe you the right to lead us down a path that I truly believe will be another step toward the end of the America most of its citizens know and love and yearn for. I did not say the beginning because George W Bush has already set the course. But you can’t jump in with the same set of directions and expect to land at a different location. We need change. Real change. Not for play play republican change. And that CHANGE is exactly what would put our country first despite what you and your party would try to have middle America believe.

In fact, you as our government leaders OWE us change. It is our right as Americans. That’s *one* debt I hope gets called in come November. And you can take that to the bank. Maybe you can start paying off the $1.5 TRILLION + debt we owe China because as much as we like to pat American workers on the back, we still want to buy from China because it’s cheaper. Or maybe it can help pay the projected $1 to $2 TRILLION dollars the Iraq will cost America even though Bush’s administration estimated only a $50-60 BILLION dollar price tag (only). Or maybe you can apply it to the measly $1.5+ BILLION going towards the housing market because of the mortgage crisis. My point is that there’s plenty of places for my money to go. And the amounts of those debts are numbers I can’t even fathom. And it’s MY tax dollars. Stop spending MY money irresponsibly. And because I pay those taxes I have the right to not only demand change, but also to EXPECT change when it’s needed. Hey! LOOK AROUND! IT’S NEEDED NOW!


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