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Sweet baby Jesus please!

McCain and Palin can not be elected to run this country. Please dear Lord.

OK I know the 2 people who read this blog already whole-heartedly agree with me so this rambling won’t make much of a difference in this world, but if some random undecided insomniac is up and reading this, consider this… They lie about their opponents’ platforms. They agree with Bush’s policies. Palin would like to see MORE power granted to the VP (as opposed to Cheney who can shoot people in the face and make them apologize to him for it) and McCain wants to tax you on the subpar health care he would provide.

These people are a joke. And any strides made in equal rights for women or people of color or GLBT, forget it. Palin said she would tolerate it. That’s nice. I refuse to have a Vice President of the United States who thinks it’s acceptable to say she “tolerates” me and my friends who pay the same taxes, work the same jobs, and SHOULD have the same rights. Tolerate my ass. I’ll show her something she can tolerate. It’s called a one-way ticket back to Alaska. She can take her “folksy” gosh darn its, joe six packs, you betchas, and maverick, maverick, mavericks and shove them, right along with the rape kits she made the victims buy, right up her ass.

This woman does not represent me. This women should not represent any self-respecting woman in this country. But scarily, it seems that many women are actually excited by her. The republican men certainly are. Funny how Clinton was a bitch but Palin’s just a firecracker… adorable… spunky… right. She’s a pawn in McCain’s campaign’s little chess game. It’s an affront to women that she was chosen and it’s an insult to women’s intelligence that they think we will elect her just because she has a vagina. But more frightening is the fact that many women ARE going to vote for her just because she has a vagina. Think!!! Use your brains!!!

They stole Obama’s claim for change because they have NO platform to run on. They have nothing productive to offer this country at a time when this country needs so much.

To all of you people who won’t vote for a black man- are you fucking kidding me? Do me a favor and go look in a mirror and then slap yourself repeatedly in the face and don’t come back until either you have knocked some sense into yourself or you are unconscious and unable to vote.

To all of the women who are voting for Palin because she’s a woman- don’t be stupid! She’s not the woman we need to get us out of this mess our country is in. You don’t want her to be the first woman in that office. She will make a joke of our gender. Men will use her as an example later as to why women shouldn’t be in office.. the same men that are singing her praises now just so they can get McCain in office… anyone in office but the black guy.

Don’t just listen to me… Get some information. Read. Research. Do you want our country to continue polarizing and alienating ourselves from the rest of the world, falling further and further into debt so that the richest few can stay rich and the rest of us can barely get by and lose our retirement in the meanwhile?

Or do you want us to have a chance? At least a chance… to be the country we all claim to be. Everyone likes to talk the talk about what a great country this is.. freedom… the american dream… do you mean it? For everyone? Then walk the walk. There is no decision to make in this election. If you want more of the same crap we’ve had shoveled down our throats, vote McCain. If you want America back, vote Obama.


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