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18 days.

I really can’t believe there are people in this country who are going to vote for McCain/Palin. I can’t believe this presidential race is even remotely close. I understand that there are some people who have different ideas than I do about how to get things done and exactly what things need to get done. I really do. Here are the problems I have with this though.

McCain can’t even come up with an original idea for a general theme for his campaign. So he just decided to copy Obama’s. Change, Senator McCain?!?!?! Really?!?!? I know he isn’t Bush, but he’s had over twenty years to “change” things and until the stock market crashed, he thought things were just dandy.

He’s trying to convince the American public that he can relate to them when he has 7 houses and 13 cars?!?!? Really?!?!?

He’s saying he knows how to end the war and find Bin Laden but since he’s not clued anyone else in for the last 8 years, I can only assume he’s waiting until he’s President to reveal that. If Obama said something like that, McCain would be accusing him of aiding and abetting terrorists and demand action now.

He’s race baiting his base. Blatantly.

And Palin is worse. She is shamelessly lying about multiple scandals, has no idea how to lead a country (politics aside), and is using language to imply people should be afraid of Obama because we don’t know who he is.

Ms. Palin, we don’t know who you are. And it seems to me like the McCain campaign is just trying to keep it that way until the election, never mind that it’s pretty important that you be qualified, competent, and trustworthy. I don’t like you. I don’t trust you. Mark my words. We will discover something about you that will prove her nomination is a joke. And that joke will be on America perpetrated by America if you get elected.

Let’s look at the current list of scandals…

She was found to have violated the state’s ethic’s codes by applying pressure to have a state trooper fired for personal reasons. This is not my opinion. It is a fact. This was agreed upon by a bipartisan panel comprised of more republicans than democrats. Oh, and she replaced him with someone who was previously formally reprimanded for sexual harassment and was subsequently removed from the position. Nice touch.

She is blatantly lying about the fact that she was indeed found to have violated the state’s ethic codes by twisting words.

She changed the law to force women to pay for their own rape kits.

Her teenage unmarried daughter is pregnant, yet she still only supports abstinence only education. How’s that working for you Ms. Palin? Or maybe I should ask Bristol and Levi how it’s working for them.

There’s a rumor that Palin had an extramarital affair with her husband’s ex business partner. I wonder when that little jewel will be proven.

Her husband was a member of a secessionist group in Alaska that would most likely make him ineligible for a security clearance. Yet she question’s Obama’s patriotism.

I’m sure this is not an all inclusive list. But isn’t it enough to ask, “What the hell is she thinking?”

I am so tired of hearing the conservative’s “holier than thou” venom when they don’t even follow their own rules.

If McCain and Palin are elected in 18 days, it will be official that our country is full of ignorant, blind, fearful sheep that don’t know how to make their own decisions and stand up for decency and real change even if it’s “scary”. Well, that’s assuming the people who go out to vote for Obama are allowed into the voting booths. That remains to be seen.

Similarly, while I’m glad to see that more and more people are deciding that “the decider” shouldn’t be president, I’m still appalled that *anyone* would still think he should be. Really? I mean what does the guy have to do to get your attention?

Kill baby kittens?
Say he’s a big ole homo and that he’s going to get “gay married?”
Mount the heads of a herd of unicorns to the wall in the oval office?
Publicly club the last baby seal in existence with the severed arm of a disabled child?
Shoot someone in the face and then have them apologize? Oh, wait, scratch that. Cheney’s been there and done that.

This is probably the single most important election of my lifetime. I truly believe it will decide the course of this nation. Do we want to go towards peace, acceptance, fairness, growth, and hope? Or do we want to continue trying to surround our country with taller and taller walls to keep the rest of the world out, our ignorance in, and curl up and die as a nation? The irony is we all get to decide.

But how many people won’t even bother trying for fear that what they think doesn’t really matter anyway. Nothing in recent history has proven that it does.

Our current administration is guilty of war crimes. They have taken away our civil liberties in the name of protecting us from people who would harm us.

Here’s an idea. Can the government figure out a way to protect us without taking away the very rights that our country was founded upon? I know that’s crazy-talk, but I think it’s worth at least examining. I have a few ideas.

No one in Washington has health insurance until they figure out how to make it possible for anyone in the country who wants it to have it. Socialism? Maybe. But it seems to me that it’s a no brainer to me that one of the wealthiest nations in the world would ensure access to health care to all of its citizens. I find it amazing that the religious right seem to disagree. I guess I didn’t read the part of the bible in which Jesus told people to pick themselves up by their bootstraps. If socialism means that all people are entitled to the basic rights ensuring their safety and health, and capitalism means only the wealthy are, I daresay Jesus was a socialist.

We don’t even think about imposing anti-abortion laws on pregnant women until there are no children that are orphaned, homeless, and hungry. I’m pro-choice for many reasons. But I don’t think it should even be on the table to discuss government interference with unwanted pregnancies until all of the children that are already living in this country are clothed, fed, receiving proper health care, and safe from harm.

And we stop worrying about banning gay marriage to protect the sanctity of marriage until the straights stop getting divorces. Once the sacred union between a man and a woman is truly treated as the serious sacrament that the straights claim it to be, then and only then will I even think of listening to the argument that allowing gay marriage is an insult to it.

Even as I write this I hear on the news about yet another unbelievable Bush move, a signing statement saying that even though Congress passed a law to say that even though we were occupying Iraq, we couldn’t steal their oil, he was going to do whatever he wanted to with their oil. I’m beginning to think I won’t be happy to merely see him leave the White House. I want to see him leave in handcuffs. How this man has not already been impeached I do not understand.


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