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Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow

One day.

One more night’s sleep.

I will be getting up in 5 1/2 hours to go to the polls when they open and cast my vote. Then I will spend the rest of the day holding my breath and hoping beyond hope that all of the youth got off their asses, turned off their x-boxes and went to vote.

This time tomorrow we will hopefully know who our next president will be. If it’s Obama, I will have a new found hope for our nation and will walk proudly through the streets of our country. If it’s McCain, I will curl up in a ball in my shower and cry while trying to scrub away the vile stench of shame for my country and their inability to elect a truly inspiring and positive leader.

So America, what will it be?

Hope, prosperity, change, and unity…

or fear, division, inequality, and more of the same damn crap that got us to this dismal point we are at now….?

Please choose wisely. I just bought a house and don’t think I will be able to unload it in this economy to move to Canada. So it looks like my gay partner and my gay self are stuck here in this country for a while. We would really love it if our rights weren’t tossed out the window. We would really love it if this country could progress in acceptance and come together for the good of all instead of continuing in its divisive, narrow-minded, quest for inequality for its citizens.

We gays pay taxes. We gays work jobs. We gays contribute just as much as you straights. We gays love our partners and our families just as much as you straights. We gays deserve respect and equality just as much too. We probably appreciate what we have a lot more than you do because we know it can be taken away in the blink of an eye on the whim of some lunatic right wing religious nutjob that has nothing better to do than protest the granting of health insurance benefits or marriage to same sex partners. I still don’t understand why you care and how you think it is your right or even your business to protest?

Go spend the same amount of time and energy on working on your own family and on issues like poverty, hunger, and unemployment. Maybe then the difference you would make would be one to be proud of. Do something to benefit the greater good, not to punish people you find morally reprehensible because of your irrational fear.

So, tomorrow. What a big day it will be. I hope America takes a stand and says, “Enough.” I hope America is ready to really start worrying about the things that really matter. I hope America sees each other and realizes we all have the same dreams. Let’s make them happen together. Get out there and vote for someone who wants something better for us all.

I will be hosting an election night party at the nation’s oldest lesbian bar. Truly has the potential for a history making night… assuming we can get any of the lesbians to actually leave their houses to go out that night. I hope if you don’t hear from me the day after the election it’s because I’m nursing the hangover from the celebration of finally having a president to believe in and not because I’m hiding in my closet crying. I guess we will see.


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