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Behold the threat to the institution of marriage!!!

Del Martin, 87, and Phyllis Lyone, 84, partners of 56 years until Martin’s death on August 27, 2008, became the first officially married same-sex couple after California’s Supreme Court declared gay marriage legal in June of 2008.
After hearing of the passing of Proposition 8 in the California general election on November 4 banning gay marriage, Melissa Etheridge has declared that she won’t be paying taxes since she isn’t granted the rights of full citizenship. Awesome.

Way to legislate discrimination, California voters. And way to crush the lifelong dream of two little old ladies. I hope you’re proud. I definitely see the threat they pose. You say the citizens of California should stop complaining because they have civil laws in place that grant some of the same legal benefits of marriage. So let me get this straight.. Your argument is “separate but equal?”… sounds familiar. Are we destined to keep repeating the same sound bytes for whatever the conservatives find “morally objectionable ” in the name of protecting the “sanctity of marriage?”-

Interestingly, the same language used when opposing inter-racial marriage in the 60’s. Even more interesting that out of all of the people that went to the poles, African -Americans voted 7 out of 10 for the ban. At the risk of pissing off my African- American friends that might read this blog, that I just don’t understand. I’m certainly not trying to equate the oppression of an entire race of people with the struggle for gay rights, but you’d think a group of people that have lived through oppression and a civil rights movement of their own, one that continues even today, would be a little more hesitant to take away civil rights from another group, even if they don’t agree with them or understand them, just on principle. I’m sure it’s way more complicated.

While Obama winning was certainly a much needed jolt to the enthusiasm of the queer community longing only for acceptance and equality and change, the defeats and removal of rights in 4 states… the literal legislation of discrimination, put a damper on the excitement and thought that real change is in the works for gay rights. I hope I’m wrong. I still maintain that I just don’t understand… Why do people care? I don’t want to interfere with your marriage. It’s your business. Can you please grant me the same respect? Why does it scare/threaten/offend you so much? Why do you allow fear to drive you to take away rights from your fellow citizens who only have the same wishes and dreams? Get over it. We’re here. We’re queer. Not allowing us to marry won’t make us go away. It will just piss us off. And there’s nothing worse than a bunch of pissed off queers. Just you wait and see.


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