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Mr. McCain, you should be ashamed.

John McCain, I have never agreed with your political views. I would not have voted for you in the recent election. I did, however, have a vague sense of respect for you as a person who has served this country for many years. I no longer have any respect for you, however, after the past few months of the most vile, insulting, and disgraceful tactics employed by your campaign in the name of getting you elected into office.

I don’t care whose idea it was to smear and slander Obama. It was your campaign. It was your responsibility. I don’t care if Palin turned out to be a nightmare. You picked her. It was your decision. And now I’ve heard that you are saying you were “sold on her” after being unable to get Lieberman to join your ticket. After having heard you tell David Letterman (in no uncertain terms to his face because he asked) that she was definitely your first choice. So, you’re lying to someone. I hope it’s not Dave. We’ve all seen how testy he gets about that. If you didn’t have the balls to pick the person you really wanted, thank God you aren’t about to become the next leader of this country. And, if you really did think she was the best candidate for the job, thank God times ten that you aren’t about to become the next leader of this country.

Your judgement was crap. It was crap in picking her. It was crap in legitimizing your campaign’s smears against Obama with your silence. It was crap in engaging in dirty political warfare just months after promising that you would run a fair, clean campaign. It was crap in avoiding discussing the real issues that the citizens of this country are worried about and instead trying to scare the nation away from the candidate who was addressing those issues by implying he was a terrorist sympathizer. Shame on you John McCain. You have in absolutely NO WAY put your country first in this campaign. You put your own self-interest and partisan politics first by engaging in “anything to get elected, no matter how low” tactics, which only served to increase the divide and heighten already enormous tensions to way past the boiling point. You in NO WAY put your country first by selecting someone so woefully unqualified to be vice-president. A shameless ploy to make it seem like the republican party embraced women as equals to try to win over women voters as if they would just vote for her because she has a vagina. Never mind that she stands for nothing most feminists and strong women fight for every day. Everything that did and continues to happen during the campaign proves that your party saw her as nothing but a pawn, and when it did not produce the results that were expected, she is handily tossed aside and blamed for YOUR failure.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not exonerating her from her role in this mess. Her ambition and failure to see her lack of qualifications led her right down this path. But you picked her. And if you picked her knowing she was inadequately prepared to handle the task that would have been set before her, then you sir, would have endangered this country and its citizens for your own political gain. And if you picked her because you really thought she was the best choice, then shame on you for allowing your staffers to continue piling the blame on her shoulders while you, again, sit idly by and say nothing. Way to be a stand up guy. Country first my ass, Mr McCain. Poor judgment, weak leadership, and failure to stand up and defend someone you were trying to convince the country 4 days ago should be leading side by side with you does not earn you my trust.

Also, how dare you imply that anyone not planning to vote for you didn’t put their country first. I think you had it backwards. All of those people, all of those red states that turned blue, were the proof that the country did put itself first on election day by voting for Obama. They elected someone who did not constantly change the subject to keep from talking about the actual issues. They elected someone who praised hope, diversity, and fairness. They elected someone who picked a running mate that actually could step in if it is ever required in a time of crisis and lead effectively. They elected someone who did not stoop to mudslinging and insults and lies. They elected someone who wants something better for the majority of the country, the people who work hard and need a break, the backbone who support the rich minority who don’t need any help that you fight for. They elected someone who wants something better for this country and understands how to motivate and lead and inspire citizens to want to do the same.

So when you look back on this campaign, do not be delusional. You did not put your country first. You put yourself first. And you lost, and not just the election. You lost big. Respect has to be earned, and once it has been lost, it is even harder to regain. I have no respect for you at all, sir. You were content to continue dividing the country further and further with more and more fervor towards an end-point that might have obliterated any chance of reconciliation. And you did it in the name of your country? That is reprehensible. That is irresponsible, selfish, and narrow minded. Go back to Arizona and think about what you’ve done by waging the kind of campaign you did…. and especially about what you almost did that might not have been able to be undone. And that has made you today’s ass of the day.


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