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Part 1 of ABC interview: A do-over he can’t do

Below is an excerpt from the interview.

GIBSON: You’ve always said there’s no do-overs as President. If you had one?

BUSH: I don’t know — the biggest regret of all the presidency has to have been the intelligence failure in Iraq. A lot of people put their reputations on the line and said the weapons of mass destruction is a reason to remove Saddam Hussein. It wasn’t just people in my administration; a lot of members in Congress, prior to my arrival in Washington D.C., during the debate on Iraq, a lot of leaders of nations around the world were all looking at the same intelligence. And, you know, that’s not a do-over, but I wish the intelligence had been different, I guess.

GIBSON: If the intelligence had been right, would there have been an Iraq war?

BUSH: Yes, because Saddam Hussein was unwilling to let the inspectors go in to determine whether or not the U.N. resolutions were being upheld. In other words, if he had had weapons of mass destruction, would there have been a war? Absolutely.

GIBSON: No, if you had known he didn’t.

BUSH: Oh, I see what you’re saying. You know, that’s an interesting question. That is a do-over that I can’t do. It’s hard for me to speculate.

OK. That’s the end of the interview quote and the beginning of my opinion.
Where to start?
First. His biggest regret of his presidency is the “intelligence failure in Iraq?” Really?
Doesn’t he mean his failure to listen to intelligence that said there were no weapons of mass destruction? Or his failure to at least attempt to confirm reports that there were before *starting a war.*? Key words there are “his failure” and not the failure of others.
Second. Is that really a fair question? His biggest regret? So many to choose from. How does he even begin?
Third. Asking for him to reveal his biggest regret is assuming that he is capable of human emotions, such as regret, introspection, and self-examination. That is arguable, given his track record of accomplishments or should I call them decomplishments and his obliviousness to learning from mistakes (or even admitting, much less caring that he’s made them.)
Fourth. I’ve gotta go back to the first one for a minute. Is he really blaming everyone else for the mess that is the war in Iraq but himself? Really? I think he is but I still can’t believe it. I don’t know why I should be surprised. This guy has done unbelievable things and gotten away with all of it. Why not this now?
Fifth. This is just my opinion, but I really believe the last 8 years have without question been the most expensive therapy session ever to have existed. Seriously. The war, so far, has a price tag of $576,320,156,320 (at that exact second- go to for an update) and over four thousand troops killed. So, over $500 billion and four thousand lives. All to try to live up to daddy’s expectations or finish what he started?!?! WTF???, right?? So stay with me…
OK, so this is where I get to pitch my idea. I think our country would have been a lot better off if Daddy Bush had just set up some government program when he was president…the “W’s Therapist Fund”, codename “WTF”. Taxpayers would have put $1 each/year into WTF. It would have been a little box at the end of your tax form each year that was pre-checked and just said add $1, mandatory, no questions, for WTF. That would’ve been $4/person by the end of W’s term.
Now, if wikipedia is right in its estimation of the number of american tax-payers, (and isn’t wikipedia always right?), that would’ve been over $500 million by the end of his 4 year term. Five hundred million dollars! And that’s assuming no interest. That would have gotten W. *a lot* of therapy. I mean, I’ve been in therapy for years, but I’ve spent nowhere near that amount. And it would have cost us each individually only $4 each. That would have been a win-win situation. I mean, if someone told me today, “Hey, give me $4 and I’ll go back in time, W won’t become president, and he’ll be more in touch with his emotions, I’d be all in. Hell, I’d give them a five and tell them to keep the change.
Although keep in mind that in that alternate world, Al Gore would have been the President of the United States instead of being out there dicking around and winning the “Nobel Peace Prize.” (Quotes added to make it sound “less important”.) That’s what happens when someone who’s smart and innovative has too much time on his hands. Imagine what wondrous feats W could have accomplished without that pesky albatross of the Presidency of the United States hanging around his neck? Yeah, I’m drawing a blank, too. But with a half billion dollars of therapy under his belt, he probably would have had a fighting chance.
Oh WTF, what might have been? If nothing else, at least our president wouldn’t be talking about “do-overs that he can’t do” and referring to a war! Seriously, W, that’s just embarassing and pathetic. And wrong! (You really need to familiarize yourself with that word.) And, you still have 48 days to go.
Please just stop talking. I really don’t think I can take it any more. Plus, right now it’s looking like you’re going to walk out of the White House instead of being led out in handcuffs. But if you keep saying stupid things, someone might start paying a little more attention to the illegal things you’ve sanctioned and done.
I know you think you’re above the law (because, really, why wouldn’t you?) Please, just go quietly into the night so we can start to forget that you ever existed as our President. Otherwise, those of us who normally sit by and allow you and your kind to screw us every day without saying a word might just find out where we draw our line. And it might end up being a little square room in a penitentiary.
Interestingly, it would only cost each taxpayer a one time fee of about 10 cents to keep you in prison for 30 years. How many people do you think would hand over a quarter, and say with a smile, “keep the change?” Hey, W, are you feeling lucky?

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