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Watching Ted Haggard on Oprah. I’m yelling at the TV. Rant about the religious right.

Why is it that the religious right only decide that Jesus loves everyone when they realize that they themselves might be queer? Apologies in advance if I offend anyone’s delicate sensibilities with this but, you know what, the religious right offends me, a bona fide queer, with every breath. And I’m tired of putting up with it.

So Ted Haggard is doing this incredible interview on Oprah right now. And he NOW thinks that Jesus accepts EVERYONE. Now that he realizes he’s got a little bit of queer inside. It’s really infuriating that someone can tell other people how wrong they are until they discover some of that same piece of “wrongness” inside of themselves and then declare that it is right.

Isn’t that the point? Isn’t it that everyone has their own PERSONAL feelings or tendencies or whatever you want to call them. And that those are PRIVATE for that person and not for ANYONE to judge. To paraphrase Oprah, if it’s a part of you, you shouldn’t deny it. And, how can it be wrong if it’s who you are?

It’s so simple but why can’t the people who yell the loudest against it see that until it smacks them or their kids upside their heads. Once it affects them personally they have some sort of brilliant epiphany… “Oh, I’m ok. You’re ok. We’re all ok!” Yeah, I guess so when you’re faced with going from being one of the “I” to one of the “you.” You’d better make it “we” pretty quick or you’re going to hell just like all of the queers you’ve chastised, ridiculed, and condemned on your path to where you are now. There but for the Grace of God go I. Sound familiar?

Why can’t people understand that before they dismiss something they don’t understand as wrong or immoral or unnatural. Because it seems to me that’s also the point. THEY DON’T UNDERSTAND. It might not be natural FOR THEM but it is for someone else. And when they are faced with the realization that maybe they do, all of a sudden understand, it’s a-ok to be gay. But they still have to either act like they think it’s wrong for fear of losing all of their bible thumping “friends” or repent and yell even louder because they can’t face the fact that they’ve been WRONG all along. But that’s just my opinion.


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