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Our Place in History, Compliments of Cheney

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The United States tortured. The United States has committed war crimes. That in itself is a sad commentary on the state of our Union the past 8 years. The fact that the prior administration not only fails to deny it… but actually tries to justify and praise it… is reprehensible.

Let me take it one step further, though, and propose *why* we tortured. It is agreed upon in knowledgeable circles that torture does not produce reliable, accurate information. In fact, it most often produces false information… information that the interrogator *wants* to hear. In other words, an interrogator can produce the desired information through methods of torture.

Now Cheney you and your cronies may be a lot of things… but you aren’t stupid. You *know* that torture produces skewed and flawed information. Isn’t that just what you were looking for… Any information to justify the war you had authorized. Any information to link Iraq to El Quaeda. Even if it was questionable. Especially if it was questionable. You authorized torture in order to get just the false information you needed to parade out to the American people so you could proclaim your justification for invading Iraq. Sickening. Vile.

I guarantee that in time it will be a sad realization for everyone that the leaders of our country looked to torture with the express intent of soliciting false information. The leaders of our country looked to torture knowing that you could elicit whatever answers you desired to explain whatever actions you had taken. You looked to torture to justify your war when you knew there was no justification. You looked to torture to cover your asses. You flushed the morals of our nation down the toilet and questioned any objector’s patriotism.

Even now, you sit in front of the television cameras and dare to say that we had no other option but to employ these “enhanced techniques.” You dare to say that it worked. You dare to criticize Obama for denouncing torture and sneer that our country is less safe. You dare to say that you kept the nation safe… even after *ignoring* the warnings about the first attack. And, you dare to suggest that if we are attacked again, it will be the fault of Obama for not continuing to utilize an illegal and immoral, not to mention an unreliable, method of interrogation.

Mr. Cheney, it is likely that we will be attacked again. And I have NO DOUBT that it will be the fault of your policies and your administration. You have fueled the fire of anti-American hatred. You have given countries that already hate us an actual legitimate reason to hate us. You have ensured that we will continue to be a target.

You, Mr. Cheney, and your policies are to blame if and when that happens. You are traipsing around the country barking at the tv monitors about how you kept the nation safe. You did no such thing. You have endangered this country. You have weakened this country. You have shamed this country. And, you have broken the law. And in a most heinous way. It’s not bad enough that you authorized torture. It’s not bad enough that you sought a way to justify a war fought under a false premise. But you employed torture under a cloak of “patriotism” to try to achieve that justification. That is such an egregious affront to America and everything we stand for that I don’t know how you look at yourself in the mirror at the end of the day.

I have no doubt you have some strategy to this latest media blitz… to distract from the real issue at hand? to try to define the debate? You are hoping that no one will stop and realize the absolute vileness of what has happened. You sought to torture with the express intent of obtaining false “information” to justify an unjustifiable war. You turned to torture, a legal and morally reprehensible action, in order to force false information out of someone else that you could claim a valid reason to wage war. You are an embarrassment and a threat to our country. There is no prison with walls high enough for a criminal of your caliber. There is no sentence long enough. There is no undoing what you have done.

There is only waiting for the repercussions. There is only starting anew as a country with morals and honor. There is only telling you in no uncertain terms that you do not speak for us. There is only showing the world that you are not above the law. This is America. And, in this country, criminals go to jail.


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