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Fuck You, Joe Lieberman.


I say this for many reasons. 

First, you’re being an ass.  I’d expect this behavior from the GOP… and I guess I shouldn’t be surprised given your actions during the Presidential campaign… but come on.  You’re supposed to be a dependable vote on domestic issues.  GET IN LINE.

If you’re just running your mouth for whatever reason… (I can’t begin to try to get inside your head…) then STOP IT.  You’re being a jackass.  You practically opened the doors for others on the fence to follow right behind you.  What. Are. You. Doing?  And why would you do that?  Do you think this is some kind of power play?  Taking away a chance for millions of people to have medical insurance and siding with people who are only interested in preserving their campaign donations?  That’s real honorable.  And real brave.

Third, I really don’t have time to waste on you.  I should be working on my business website or doing something productive on the internet or Christ, just folding laundry… but now I’ve gotta waste 15 minutes ranting about you and your asinine behavior. 

So here goes: Stop being a politician who is worried about losing his however millions of dollars in donations from insurance corporations and start worrying about the people who elected you… remember them?  Last I heard they were strongly in support of a public option.  Isn’t that your job?  Or do you work for the insurance corporations now?  Will you put that on your resume after  you lose your seat to someone who WILL  listen?  Are you proud of that?  Are you aware that behaving like an asshat is reminding all of us how badly we wanted your ass out of the caucus earlier this year?  Are you aware that now we just want your ass out of the caucus even more?  Is that the kind of attention you’re hoping to get?  Why don’t you just join the GOP and get it over with?  If you’re going to act like this, we don’t want you.  Either you’re showing your true colors (which are more hideous than we thought) or you’re just being a dick.  So, stop it.  Just the fact that you were in support of Sarah Palin being a heartbeat away from the Presidency is bad enough… horrible in fact… but now this? And why, when running for office, did you espouse all sorts of praise for a public option and voice support for such a plan?  Were you lying then, or are you lying now?  Or maybe you just don’t know what you’re talking about.  Or maybe you just like the attention.  Cut it out. Suck it up. And get in line.  Your constituents deserve it, even if you don’t deserve to be representing them.

That is all.

Again… stop. wasting. my. time. and energy. I have a limited supply. I don’t want to use it on an asshat like you.


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  1. Ok, it I thought your tweets were good, I’ve just been bowled over. I used to rant, and for a while it made me feel better, but I found it just stopped doing it for me.

    But this piece said everything I’d been thinking and Yay! for you, saying it for me.

    And, as a woman, I am not offended by the term douche. Considering how repulsive that process is, I think the word is appropriately used!

    Alternativemom on Twitter

  2. Great post, great tags, and I thank you for doing the public service of calling Lieberman an “asshat.” Long overdue, my fellow politico!

  3. I appreciate your input about the use of the word “douche”. If it’s any consolation, I consider it an offensive word too… I only use it ironically as the people I describe with it are offensive to me… I do not use it as an insult to women and apologize if it has offended anyone. I will probably continue to use it as I tend to walk the line of offensive but also try to be conscious that I’m doing it… if that makes any sense…
    Thanks for reading!

  4. Great rant and all very true! Love your blog do far 😉


  5. I agree! but do you have to use the “douche” or “d-bag” insult to make your pt? I think its offensive to women. Im sure that wasnt your intent but I wanted to repost the rant but feel hesitant abt it now



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