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Be smart with your anger, fellow libs…

Ok, look. I totally get being really pissed off right now at many of our elected democrats.  Really, I do.  If you lived in my house, you would routinely hear the following: (usually with high volume):

“WTF??? Why don’t you just become a republican, you asshat, because you’re voting like one!!!”


“Are you kidding me? You have a fucking majority and THIS is what you do (or more accurately DON’T do with it???”

So I do get frustration, anger, and wanting to kick people out.

But not if it means giving more seats back to republicans.  Let me make my point before you argue:

I’m certainly not saying we should lie down and accept whatever crap the elected dems want to hand to us.  I’m not saying we should be complacent and just be happy the dems are in office (even though they aren’t doing crap)

We DO need to figure out how to hold those who aren’t doing what’s in the best interest of their constituents and party accountable.  We DO need to figure out how to let them know if they don’t do what they promised and what is expected, we WILL replace them… but NOT with republicans.

We DO need to figure out how to send them a message… but believe me, if we stay away from the polls and allow republicans to be elected, the message those conservadems will receive is that they weren’t conservative enough.  I’m saying they’re idiots.  That logic won’t work on them.  They will “learn” from it what they want to learn.  They will see that a republican beat them and think that means they need to be more like them to get elected.

Staying away from the polls and allowing republicans to be elected is just a bad idea.  The democrats won’t learn anything from it… and meanwhile, you’ll give the most conservative, bigoted, hateful GOP to ever exist power to take more rights away from non-religious, LGBT, women, minorities, and, really, anyone who doesn’t match their warped ideology.  The dems who didn’t get elected won’t gain anything… we the people CERTAINLY wouldn’t gain anything, in fact, we’d lose potentially  A LOT.  Why move ourselves backwards?  I mean, have you actually looked at the current state of the GOP?  Their purity test?  Their desire to obliterate all things LGBT?  Their desire to wage war indefinitely?  Their willingness to sacrifice our liberties and privacy and wage wars on false pretenses?  Their willingness to torture to elicit false information?  Their enthusiasm at backing only the most conservative candidates in elections?  Their disdain for large percentages of the population because of race, gender, or sexual orientation?  Their eagerness to tank health care reform for the nation because of lobbyists money, apathy, and their reluctance to do ANYTHING in cooperation with Obama?  Can you imagine what this current GOP party would do if they were allowed back into power right now?  Remember the tea parties?  I mean these people are listening to the likes of Beck and Limbaugh.  These people think Palin would be a good President.  These people are carrying guns to presidential events.  These people don’t give a shit about your rights. These people are scary.  We’d be wishing, praying for Bush.  Mark my words.

If you want to make an impression on your democratic representative, go after them in the primaries… urge progressive, liberal dems to run… and get out there and VOTE for them!  Putting up with a conservadem for a couple of years in the hopes of replacing their sorry asses with a liberal democrat may seem distasteful… but try swallowing a republican for those 2 years… and maybe more if you decide to balk at the elections.  They would fuck up any progress we are making  (be it slow and painful) and move us backwards.  At least with the conservadems you know their difficulties lie in their constituency, or the power of lobbies and money.. which is gross… but for the republicans, they just hate a large portion of this nation’s population.  They want to legislate based on Christianity, or some fucked up version of it, racial hate, and homophobia.  At least with the conservadems you’re pretty sure their heart’s in the right place… their greed just may be a little louder.  With republicans, for many of us, they have no heart.

Look, all I’m saying is go ahead, be pissed, be frustrated, and don’t plan on putting up with it.  But be smart about it.  Keep the democrats in power.  Electing republicans b/c you’re pissed at the dems is like eating nothing but hohos because you’re not losing weight fast enough on your diet.  I know you guys are smart (b/c you’re democrats 🙂 so act smart.  Shape our future.

Now go forth and be liberals, independents, democrats, compassionate, thinkers, queer, straight, young, old, voices for the less fortunate, proponents for the greater good, and most of all,  informed.  Whatever floats your boat.  That’s the cool thing about being on the left.  We aren’t all exactly the same and we don’t demand that people are.



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