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Wait, so Sarah Palin smoked pot?

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Sarah, you are really a piece of work. 

Apparently smoking pot was ok because when you did it, it was legal in Alaska. So, you didn’t break the law… But seriously, Sarah, queen of death panels yet user of Canadian socialized medicine, questionable wardrobe financing, reader of anything and everything that’s put across your desk, and now reality tv show seeker, you need to go away. 

Obviously you were only interested in the VP position to be famous.  Thank God that didn’t happen.  If you wanna be a fame whore, that’s totally your business, but please drop the phony “everywoman” “I love my country” facade and just admit you want money and fame.  You’ll do great on a reality show… That’s about as intellectual of a job I think you can handle.  Plus, I can very easily just NOT watch it.

Oh, and about the pot… I really don’t care. Puff away. But can you stop adding to the list of things you are hypocritical about because my brain just can’t handle another addition. K, thanks.


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