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Regarding Don Dwyer and MD Attorney General Doug Gansler

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I am so sick of this bullshit.
(Maryland Delegate Don Dwyer)
This is a copy of the letter I sent to my Governor, Martin O’Malley.  I also sent similar copies to my delegates, state senator, and congressman.
Dear (insert delegate, state senator, congressman, and governor’s name here),

I am writing as a tax-paying resident of Maryland, in regard to Representative Don Dwyer’s recent motion to impeach Attorney General Doug Gansler.
The Attorney General was simply doing what was asked of him by the governor in granting an opinion.  It seems to have enraged Representative Dwyer that this opinion was that Maryland should recognize out of state same sex marriages, and it enrages me that he is misrepresenting his true motives in this matter by purporting a phony premise for impeachment.  I feel this is a ridiculous, homophobic, money and time-wasting effort on the part of Representative Dwyer during a time when I’m certain our legislators have much more pressing issues of actual importance to address in our state.

This is most definitely a personal issue for me.  I am a gay resident of your district.
My partner and I own a house, pay our taxes, vote regularly, and try to be active, positive influences in our neighborhood and community.  We have plans to marry in DC in June and were looking forward to the possibility that our marriage could be recognized in our home state.  This movement to impeach the Attorney General appears to me to be a blatant act of discrimination as well as a massive sign of disrespect (dare I say even animosity?) towards myself as a resident of this state.  It is insulting, disappointing, and not indicative of the wishes of Marylanders.  I am so very tired of my rights being continuously targeted or sacrificed by our legislators in ginning up fear or simple politics simply because of who I love.
I am a person.  I am not a pawn to be used for purposes of re-election using fear and hate based tactics. Our elected officials should be fighting for the residents of this state, not against them.  In fact, if legislators such as Mr. Dwyer fought half as hard for issues such as ending poverty, creating jobs, and saving the environment as he does for pro-discriminatory stunts, I can only imagine our state would benefit immensely.  And, if Representative Dwyer stopped his Facebook rhetoric long enough to look around, he would also realize that his gay constituents (and he does have them) have no secret agenda to fear. They only want what is fair and what their heterosexual counterparts enjoy: security and protection for their families. As I understand it, that is why you were elected: this is his job and yours, to fight to ensure that security and protection.  Representative Dwyer (and anyone who would support this motion) should be ashamed of their actions in this matter.

I am also appalled by Representative Dwyer’s actions as I feel they are solely politically motivated and will result in our state and the assembly spending time and money on this frivolous action.  This is money and time that would be better spent on actual important issues to our district and state.  How much money and time have we lost to this inane motion?  Does our state want to spend its time and money on an action based on fear and hate?  An action meant only to discriminate against its very own residents and those who might wish to move here in the future.  Does our state want to spend time and money hearing an argument against equal rights that has NEVER been validated or justified with facts?  Does our state want to spend time and money hearing an argument based solely on someone’s personal prejudices?

I certainly have no intention of voting for any representative who feels that our state should.

I am writing as a resident of the the state to ask you to please oppose this ridiculous, insulting, detrimental, discriminatory and  backwards move attempted by Representative Dwyer. This is obviously nothing more than an attempt to forward Representative Dwyer’s hateful political agenda: to withhold rights to residents of this state who simply want equality.

I encourage you to read this letter and consider where our representatives’ priorities should lie. Is it with the rights and freedom of their constituents?  Or is it to advance some old, worn out, backwards agenda that does nothing but hurt your voting families?  I was under the impression that he was sent there to represent US, not his own narrow-minded beliefs.  If you feel I write too passionately, I ask you to consider how you would respond if you were in my shoes.

I respectfully thank you for your time,

(my full name and contact info)

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  1. Mr Argyle— I just want you to know that I am a former bigot who is now an advocate for gays–to pay back a debt of gratitude because a dear friend gave me the gift of tolerance—this is silly,of course, because such a gift could never be repaid—we are having an effect on society and hearts and minds are changing–our words do matter. Thank you and all the best in our mutual quest for gay-LGBT rights.

  2. Well constructed letter from the heart! Great Job!!!!!


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