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Can we call it what it really is… anti-choice…?

I really think we should all reconsider calling anti abortion “activists” pro-life. How many of them are pro death penalty? How many of them hailed Dr. Tiller’s murderer as a hero? This isn’t about life. It’s about limiting women’s choices. They aren’t pro-life. They are anti-choice.

It’s this simple. They are so generously granting women one choice. If they chose to have sex, then they do not get to choose anything if they become pregnant. For the most part, they believe if a woman did not choose to have sex and was raped, then she does get a choice about any resulting pregnancy. And, if she might die as a result of the pregnancy, then she may have a choice. So women get one shot at having a choice. How nice of them.

In fact, as despicable as I think the position is, the only people that aren’t being hypocritical about their beliefs on abortion are the ones who oppose abortion no matter what. Of course, if they are pro-death penalty then they aren’t really “pro-life”. Plus, I don’t think they are all that honorable in their intentions. I think they are just against a woman’s choice. Period. They are shamelessly hiding behind some pretend moral smokescreen.

Only when the same people who demand equal rights for fetuses actually start being proponents for these same fetuses once they become people, instead of demonizing and turning their backs on them, will I even consider listening to them.


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  1. Brilliant post, friend. These anti-choice (love it!) people are not out there adopting the children who need homes most, the older kids, the ones that “time-out” of the system. I think your coining of the phrase, “anti-choice,” is perfect. Again, terrific piece. Will tweet it along!


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