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Forget gays, protect marriage from these people…

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1988: Jim Bakker- televangelist who had an affair and then used donations to pay off his mistress

1991: Clarence Thomas- allegations by Anita Hill of discussions of pornography and pubic hair

1993: Senator Bob Packwood- (love the name)- accused by 10 women of sexual harassment/misconduct

throughout the 90’s: Newt Gingrich- where to begin
divorced first wife while recovering from cancer
cheated on 2nd wife with future 3rd wife while publicly criticizing Clinton

1993: Ken Calvert- police caught him receiving oral sex from a prostitute
condemned Clinton’s affair
wife sued him for unpaid alimony

1998: Helen Chenoweth- had 6 year affair with a married associate
while calling for Clinton’s resignation on moral grounds

2003: Stephen White- arrested after allegedly offering a 14 year old boy $20 for oral sex

2004: Paul Crouch- televangelist who paid $425,000 to try to cover up a gay affair

2004: Jack Ryan- pressured wife to visit sex clubs, have sex with other men while others watched

2004: Ed Schrock- caught on tape soliciting gay sex

2005: “Dr” David Hager- adultery and sexual abuse of his wife
member of Focus on the Family’s Physician Resource Council

2005: Don Sherwood- had an affair with a woman 30 years younger who charged him with physical abuse

2006: Mark Foley- sexual harassment of teenage male congressional pages
he said it was ok because no one objected

2006: Ted Haggard- ousted as pastor after allegations of encounters with a male prostitute and drugs

2007: David Vitter- soliciting prostitutes and allegedly having a diaper fetish
sidenote: co-sponsored the “Marriage Protection Amendment” with Larry Craig

2007: Larry Craig- arrested for attempting to solicit sex in an airport men’s room with a cop

2007: Robert Allen- arrested for solicitation of a male prostitute who was an undercover cop

2007: John Bryan- committed suicide after police began investigation for molestation of 3 girls
2 of those girls were his adopted daughters

2007: Richard Curtis- resigned after public reports of relationship with male escort

2007: Chip Pickering- alleged extra-marital affair

2008: Bruce Barclay- secretly videoed hundreds of sexual encounters- many with male escorts

2008: Vito Fossella- admitted to police of having a child out of wedlock

2008: Robert McKee- resigned after computers seized in child pornography investigation

2008: Daniel Dean Thompson- arrested for sexual abuse of a 14 year old girl

2009: Mark Sanford- went MIA as governor while hiking the Appalachian trail with his mistress
oh, it was Father’s Day weekend

2009: Mark Ensign- had affair with campaign treasurer- gave her son a job
and his parents paid her family nearly $100,000

2009: Mike Duvall- resigned after video of comments about women he’d slept with while married

2009: Paul Stanley- resigned after affair with 22 year old intern

2010: Pete Sessions attended a NRCC fundraiser at a strip club

2011: Christopher Lee- showed off his hot bod with an iphone mirror pic in a Craigslist personals ad

Now I know this is not a complete list. Sadly, I left off MANY names that were associated with child pornography, rape, and even murder. And I know I only named GOP scandals. But the GOP are the ones who RUN on a platform of family values and decry the marriage destroying evils of gay marriage. So I’ve listed the hypocrites, if you will… as they are the ones claiming to be standing for the sanctity of marriage, all the while, apparently, just shitting all over it.

So, if we’re going to protect marriage, it seems to me we should protect it from people like this.
Just saying.


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  1. Amen, amen, amen! Could not have said it better myself, my friend. Hypocrisy is the official policy of the Rethugs. The Hubby and I have been married 20 years, and our same-sex married friends pose no threat to our marriage. In fact, our friendships with them does nothing but enrich our marriage. The GOP is a group of petty, insecure, old white guys, scared to death that others might have the same rights that they do.

    Great post, my friend, so well-said!

  2. In lieu of reply I’ll refer you to a blog a friend of mine recently wrote.

    I think that covers it pretty well.


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