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Top 10 hurricane supplies in MY household:

1. Ice (for food, supply storage… And mixed drinks)

2. First aid kit (with mandatory unicorn band-aids)

3. Flashlights and batteries (to locate the snacks in the kitchen)

4. Candles and matches (in case a Cialis moment strikes)

5. Cigarettes (so we don’t kill each other or in case of #4)

6. Xanax (for the dogs)

7. Chef boyardee, canned tuna, Nabisco choc chip cookies, and Pringles (you know, the staples)

8. Alcohol (lots of it- hey it’s not like I’m driving anywhere)

9. A cell phone charger for my phone & ipad (mustn’t lose Twitter)

10. A good book (that I’ll intend to read but likely will be too wound up to settle down with)

But I’m all stocked up and ready to go!
And wind is picking up. Looks like it’s almost go time.
According to it really arrives in 2 hours and gets to its worst in 10-12 hours.
I hope the Pringles and alcohol lasts.


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  1. My list would be quite similar if I had Irene flapping her gums in my direction. Though I’d have pastries instead of Pringles.


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