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Tiffany Alston meet Karma

Tiffany Alston. Wow. You, madam have some balls.

You ran for office by supporting gay marriage. So, lots of people believing in and hoping for equality voted for you.

Then you dicked around and pulled a no show on the marriage equality bill, thus killing the bill the senate had already passed. As an lgbt member of your community, that alone disgusted me beyond belief and prompted me to be sure everyone in your district knew your name and what you did.

And now, oh dear Tiffany, you are being accused of and indicted for using campaign funds (some donated by your lgbt supporters) for your own wedding. This new information brings forth a few emotions and thoughts. Let me break them down:

1. Wow. Just wow.

2. How stupid are you? People do look into how campaign funds are spent.

3. You used constituents’ donations to your campaign (promising support for gay marriage) for your own wedding. And then you single-handedly killed the bill. That’s just gross. I mean that’s a real asshat move. And that’s putting it politely.

4. I have a renewed faith in the old saying “what goes around comes around.” For that I thank you.

Enjoy the publicity! It’s likely to be the last you get. I hope your short-lived political career characterized by denying some of your constituents the equality you promised was fulfilling. I won’t miss you.

Tiffany Alston indicted


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