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So I tried KFC’s red velvet cake and live-blogged it because I was bored. 

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I wanted KFC. It’s nearby and they have a drive thru. Don’t Judge. 

I wanted a family meal. And I wanted dessert. I didn’t have much of a choice in trying the red velvet cake. I’m not saying they are pushing the red velvet cake but they are. 

an actual piece of the cake

So I am having a piece right now. Live. As I actually eat it. I have never tried it before. I have no idea what to expect here. 

Now I should be honest and say I’m no food critic. I’ll eat the regular KFC chocolate cake. Or Mc Donald’s crazy hot apple pies. And really most other things from drive thurs some may find not as appetizing. To those I say loosen up. I’m not suggesting you eat it every day. 

So I took a bite. Wow. This is sweet. Like really sweet. I like it.  If you are diabetic do not go near this cake. It’s actually quite moist. And the color is a great unnatural hue of red. The drizzle of icing on top serves as an unnecessary but yummy reminder of the excessive amount of sugar you are consuming. But if you like sweet on top of sweet, this is the cake for you. 

I ate the whole piece. And I’ll do it again. And I’m happy to report that while I can not vouch for any of the ingredients of this cake, I did not find anything weird or gross like a hair or a finger. 

Well done, KFC  

So I say as long as you realize you are purchasing a cake from a fried chicken fast food chain and set your expectations accordingly, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. 

There. I tried it for you. 

You’re welcome. 


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