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15 minutes until Obama’s 30 minute long ad

I can’t wait. I heard McCain will have a 30 second ad airing after it. That should be interesting. I’m curious to see what he will say about Obama now. Let’s see… he’s already thrown out socialist, marxist, un-american, un-patriotic, and elite. The cringe factor alone in what he might say next is staggering. Looks like I might get to add John McCain himself to my prestigious “ass of the day” list. To say I’ve lost any and all remnants of respect for McCain is an understatement. Is there no depth of low he won’t stoop to in his pathetic attempt to claw his way to the oval office? Apparently not. Apparently, McCain is a-ok with flaming the right wing fires of fear, hate, and division. Apparently McCain is a-ok with mudslinging, fear mongering, and name calling. Apparently McCain is a-ok with blatant lies. Apparently McCain is a-ok with bringing the entire country down on his political party’s sinking ship. But I’m sure in 41 minutes, I’ll have a lot more to say about it.