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David Frum, douche nozzle extroidanaire

Mr Frum,

I was certainly surprised to see your appearance on The Colbert Report after your declaration that news shows such as his cheapened the discourse in american politics. You said in no uncertain terms when you appeared on Rachel Maddow’s show that you did not think there was any redeeming qualities about those sorts of shows or interviews.

You were quite bitchy with Rachel, and I assumed that you only attacked her because you were a spineless little weasel who would not dare make such snide and mean-spirited comments on any of the other male pundits’ shows… such as the Colbert Report. So when I heard you were appearing as a guest on the show, I was preparing myself to possibly have to admit I was wrong about your selective dropping of the balls since I assumed you would surely attack and belittle Colbert for the same immature and unimportant tactics and style of presenting the news.

Much to my surprise, you were friendly and respectful, almost nice even. I was waiting for the inevitable moment when Colbert would have dropped his pants so you could kiss his ass. Alas, there was to be no ass viewing that night. You did however engage in conversation that you had quite adamately claimed was devoid of any value when you appeared on Rachel Maddow. So I was left confused. Why would you be such a total douche nozzle to Rachel Maddow but a perfect gentleman, almost arguably gay for Stephen Colbert? It seemed such an about face and in only a few short days. Could it be you saw the light and have realized that sarcasm and humor most certainly have a place in the discussion of politics in America,? Or more likely is it that when you appeared on the Colbert Report, your testicles got sucked so far up your ass that you forgot how to bully and be a beligerent ass?

So stay classy, Mr Frum. Pick on the new woman pundit. Obviously when she makes pointed and accurate comments about the poor sinking republican candidates and their agendas, you feel it necessary to launch into a rude and unprovoked attack on the host of the show. But when a man such as Colbert dances his double speak dance around your ass, you are not only dazed and confused by his greatness, you join him in his tom foolery, thus becoming one of the people you claim to most despise. Make up your mind, Mr. Frum. You can’t pal around with Colbert and then trash talk a woman who does the exact same thing.

So Mr Frum, you continue to be a douchenozzle.