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8:28 am

After 3 1/2 hours of sleep, I made my way to the polls this morning to cast my vote. A cup of coffee in hand, I slammed back a vivarin and stood in line with Jess for about 75 minutes. I triple checked my vote before I cast it, and walked outside with an emotion I haven’t felt in quite a while, excitement about the candidate I voted for. I will wear my “I voted” sticker today with pride.

The line at the silver spring voting station, though probably not representative of the entire country, was very heartening for me to see. It would be Obama by a landslide if only those votes counted. I can only hope the turnout reaches far into both the real America and the fake America to make the statement… Enough! We want change and we are here to prove we’re serious about it. It will be something if all of the fake Americans elect the new president today. All of those non-patriotic, non country-loving people showing up to vote. That would be a little ironic.

I love irony. Especially when it bites those I’m mocking in the ass and not me. Seriously, though, I hope Obama wins. I hope he kicks McCain’s ass. I seriously can’t deal with hearing “My friends” for four years from a guy who wants to ensure I never have the civil rights I deserve. McCain, let’s be clear. You are NOT my friend. You will never be my friend.

Why would you want to be friend with someone who’s not a real American, anyway? Wouldn’t that mean you “pal around” with un-Americans? Couldn’t that then be used to smear your good name? I can see the headlines now… “McCain friends with radical pro-Obama lesbian… News at 11…”

You sir lost my respect… (the little bit I did have..) as soon as you started allowing your campaign to use blatant racism to fan the flames of your base. That made me ill. Your nasty campaign tactics will be what I remember you by. And not fondly. Good job rolling your name around in the mud just to get some votes from ignorant, racist, scared people. Good job lowering the standards for America. Way to support your country and put it first… NOT.