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“C Street” is nickname of well known gay club in Champaigne Illinois… I wonder if they teabag there.

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So this probably comes as no surprise to anyone who lives in Champaigne, Illinois, but I was quite surprised to discover that “C Street” is a popular nickname for a gay club there, formally known as Chester Street. 


I’m not kidding.

I bet they can get them to get behind them on the teabagging.  It just might not be what the protestors had in mind…

Check out the link below, which includes links to many on line reviews of this establishment, which as SOOOOOO worth the time to read.  I wish I had time to give you a few choice excerpts, but I’ll leave you to find them for yourself, if you’re interested.  And if you enjoy ironic, bizarre things, then you so should be.

Sorry if you have to search a little to find the link.  Again, it’s worth the investment of time.