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Jon Stewart, you’re my hero!

Tonight on The Daily Show the guest was none other than Bill O’Reilly. Papa Bear himself somehow lowered himself down from the self-proclaimed clouds of self-righteousness to appear on one of the most liberally slanted “propaganda” shows in existence. Are the ratings that bad, Bill? Or should I ask Keith Olbermann. He seems to be the one keeping track of that.

Amidst a crowd of tree hugging liberals, he tried to use what he thinks is charm to keep the hounds from tearing him limb from limb (which I guarantee is what the audience would have preferred to see.) Keyword- “thinks.” Bill O’Reilly’s idea of charm is rather odd. It creates a rather sick feeling in the pit of my stomach and makes me throw up a little in my mouth to watch. I wondered how Jon Stewart would have him on as a guest and have it not turn either into a strange awkward interview lacking any real substance or an all out shouting match.

Mr. Stewart, I underestimated you and for that I apologize. Armed with a teddy bear, hot cocoa, and marshmallows, you offered your interview desk to Papa Bear as a “safe space.” You showed clips of him declaring his fear of the Obama Presidency, placed a handful of marshmallows in his cocoa, told him he was safe there, and asked him to share his fears. Freaking genius, man!

He would have looked like an ass to take his normal tone so he had to play along. He mislabeled the bear as a panda, which was funny. Then when you pointed out that it was not a panda bear, because it was obviously not, he just insisted that it was. A strange little analogy to how he pretty much mislabels everything. Using your best O’Reilly impression, picture this… “It’s a panda! If I say it’s a panda, it’s a panda! Anyone who says it isn’t is a communist. A communist, I tell you!” Ok, so he didn’t say the part about the communist, but you know he was thinking it.

Things did get a little heated when he and Jon began to argue about the ideology of the American majority. O’Reilly said Stewart was “propaganda“, of course, to which Stewart replied, no, he’s just “rational”. That was great. Truly. I clapped. Jon Stewart, admittedly you haven’t gotten a lot of love in my blogs. You’re kind of the good child that’s always overlooked and taken for granted in that respect. Reliable, smart, and always entertaining. A gold star for you, sir. Only you would have thought to tame Papa Bear with hot cocoa and marshmallows. I guess when a chair and whip are off the table, you have to be a little creative.