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Star Wars analogies are always the bomb!

Mr. Olbermann and Ms. Maddow,

Just when I think I can’t love the two of you any more than I already do! You toss me Star Wars analogies! Oh thank you! Seriously. I know it’s pretty easy. Dick Cheney *is* Darth Vader. But it had been too long since I’d heard some good old fashioned Star Wars comparisons. You know what this means. We finally have our Luke! Obama is Luke! Which means that Cheney is really Obama’s father! OMG! But wait, we can’t stop there. Who is Leiberman? Hmmmm… How about Boba Fett? And did I miss it or do we still need a Yoda? So there are whispers of a Secretary of State Clinton. Whoa. I’ve never really thought of Hilary as Princess Leia, but I can work with that. I mean, Bill is kinda Han Solo-esque. Manly, charming, but not exactly thinking before he acts… Hm. This new administration blows the Star Wars nerdy analogies wide open. The sky’s the limit! I will have to revisit this.


Thank you America!!!

Thank you Senator, or should I say President-elect, Obama for finally handing Senator McCain and Sarah Palin a long overdue good old fashion spanking. They’ve had it coming for quite some time after their dirty campaigning. You wagged your finger at them a few times in the debates but finally tonight you put them over your knee and spanked them but good. I hope you enjoyed it as much as all of us socialist, unamerican queers who watched the election results at Phase 1 did.

I know you strive for unity… so do I. And I know you would probably discourage behavior that would feed into the already vast and seemingly uncloseable divide. But allow me just a moment to dance in the end zone because I couldn’t really enjoy the game for fear that our country would blow it at the voting booths. Please just give me this brief moment of joy at the thought of you accepting that concession phone call from the weasel McCain. Let me picture Palin’s face, crushed with sorrow, when she heard that you won Ohio. Let me wallow in the knowledge that you pulled out a win even against that dirty playing, hate mongering, fear baiting campaign. Let me bask in knowing that I played a small role in putting the crazed, power-drunk republicans in their place. Give me just a moment to imagine the sight and sound of millions of tiny little republican tears, the wailing, and the gnashing of the teeth. Allow me just this one little chance to tell the pompous, condescending, ignorant asses to go cry to their mommies because I sure as hell don’t want to hear their whining. And to use one of their favorite quotes to give them a piece of their own advice… “Hey, if you don’t like it, then move.” Sorry, I can’t suggest where to, though, because I can’t think of a country that they might be welcome and be treated like they seem to think they deserve without granting the same respect to the others that live there.

This country is mine again now. I support Obama’s message of unity and acceptance, equality and healing. I always have. I’m sure I will get past this knee-jerk reaction of wanting the republicans to take a flying leap. I just might need a day or two. They’ve really screwed the pooch on this election with some tactics that were so sleazy, so morally reprehensible, that I don’t really have any inclination at this exact moment to work on my compassion and quest for a mutual understanding. Right now I just want to flip them the bird and watch the bloodbath that is now the blame game of why they lost. Right now I just want to sit back and watch them turn on themselves. Finally. Let them tear each other apart for a while. They’ve already done a fantastic job of tearing the country apart.

Moments after hearing of Obama’s victory, a friend of mine said… “I might consider hanging the American flag outside my house now. Maybe.” You know what? Me too. In the blink of an eye, the sight of an American flag doesn’t stand for supporting a war entered into as a result of lies and willful ignorance. The sight of an American flag doesn’t stand for raging conservatism and blind allegiance to a government that doesn’t respect its citizens. The sight of American flag doesn’t stand for prejudice and oppression. It stands for hope, equality, unity, and a port in the storm for those in need. It stands for opportunity and fairness. It stands for diversity and healing. It stands for me, again.

Now I’m not done ranting about McCain and Palin because I believe they should be questioned about and held accountable for the manner in which they conducted their campaign. You know, that whole pesky history repeating itself, learn from the past train of thought. But I will try to start also raving about the good, the hopeful, the promising details. So I officially will start awarding gold stars to those who strive and fight for something better, something fair and good, something decent and commendable. And I am honored to award my first gold star to President-elect Barack Obama. God be with you, sir. You will need all the help you can get cleaning up the mess left by the current administration. January 20th can’t come soon enough.

Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow

One day.

One more night’s sleep.

I will be getting up in 5 1/2 hours to go to the polls when they open and cast my vote. Then I will spend the rest of the day holding my breath and hoping beyond hope that all of the youth got off their asses, turned off their x-boxes and went to vote.

This time tomorrow we will hopefully know who our next president will be. If it’s Obama, I will have a new found hope for our nation and will walk proudly through the streets of our country. If it’s McCain, I will curl up in a ball in my shower and cry while trying to scrub away the vile stench of shame for my country and their inability to elect a truly inspiring and positive leader.

So America, what will it be?

Hope, prosperity, change, and unity…

or fear, division, inequality, and more of the same damn crap that got us to this dismal point we are at now….?

Please choose wisely. I just bought a house and don’t think I will be able to unload it in this economy to move to Canada. So it looks like my gay partner and my gay self are stuck here in this country for a while. We would really love it if our rights weren’t tossed out the window. We would really love it if this country could progress in acceptance and come together for the good of all instead of continuing in its divisive, narrow-minded, quest for inequality for its citizens.

We gays pay taxes. We gays work jobs. We gays contribute just as much as you straights. We gays love our partners and our families just as much as you straights. We gays deserve respect and equality just as much too. We probably appreciate what we have a lot more than you do because we know it can be taken away in the blink of an eye on the whim of some lunatic right wing religious nutjob that has nothing better to do than protest the granting of health insurance benefits or marriage to same sex partners. I still don’t understand why you care and how you think it is your right or even your business to protest?

Go spend the same amount of time and energy on working on your own family and on issues like poverty, hunger, and unemployment. Maybe then the difference you would make would be one to be proud of. Do something to benefit the greater good, not to punish people you find morally reprehensible because of your irrational fear.

So, tomorrow. What a big day it will be. I hope America takes a stand and says, “Enough.” I hope America is ready to really start worrying about the things that really matter. I hope America sees each other and realizes we all have the same dreams. Let’s make them happen together. Get out there and vote for someone who wants something better for us all.

I will be hosting an election night party at the nation’s oldest lesbian bar. Truly has the potential for a history making night… assuming we can get any of the lesbians to actually leave their houses to go out that night. I hope if you don’t hear from me the day after the election it’s because I’m nursing the hangover from the celebration of finally having a president to believe in and not because I’m hiding in my closet crying. I guess we will see.

5 days…

In only 5 days, our nation will elect its next president. As we speak, polls show Obama with a slim margin and a decent chance to win. I still can’t believe it’s even remarkably a close race.

I heard a poll today surveying voters in Texas who *actually* believe Obama is a muslim. 24%. 24%!!! You’ve gotta be kidding me. Come on people. Seriously? Don’t you think if there was some conspiracy to send a muslim in to be elected President of the United States they would’ve picked someone who didn’t have the middle name Hussein? Don’t you think they would have been a little smarter?

What do you think is going to happen anyway? On inaugaration day, the flag will be burned and a decree will go out to all in the land to don turbins or face penalty of death? Are you people that ignorant? Really?

You cry for your freedom and country you love but if you vote for McCain you will be condemning it to more years of corruption, war, loss of the basic rights guaranteed to us by our Constitution, further damaging our relations with other nations and our standing in the world not just as a power, but as an example. We are a nation, still united, but on the verge of collapse over basic human rights such as equality, tolerance, and acceptance of those that are different than ourselves.

This country was founded on the principle that all who came here could have a chance to pursue their dreams, be treated fairly and equally, and not be discriminated against. We are turning into the very nation our founding fathers fled so many years ago to escape the narrow minded, unaccepting views of the religious majority so that we could have the freedom to worship as we choose.

I can not believe that those same brave men and women who moved their entire families and lives overseas for that great dream would condone what has now become of this country they founded I can not believe that those same brave men and women wouldn’t hang their head and cry to know of the persecution that is perpetrated in the name of religion, morality, and God.

This country was founded by people who wanted something better than what they left behind. They wanted freedom. For all. Even those who differ and do not agree. They did not fight to form this nation only to see it become a mirror image of the same oppressive, unaccepting monarchy they left behind. All that they believed in and fought for would be in vain. We have become a country bitterly divided over religion, politics, and morality, with the strongest and loudest drowning out and stifling the minorities, the weak, and the poor. We have become a country that thinks it is acceptable for a group to claim moral supremecy, and to use agendas based on ignorance, fear, bullying, and discrimination to quiet those who have different views and beliefs.

It is our responsibility to stay the course they laid out for us. It is our responsibility to unite, even in our differences, especially in our differences. If we fail and continue down the dangerous path of self-proclaimed righteousness, refusing to celebrate the wonderful possibilities that our diverse nation has to offer collectively, then we have failed as a nation. We have failed our founding fathers. We have failed ourselves and our children.

Racism, sexual discrimination, homophobia, religious persecution, violence, and silence. These things are alive and well all around us. These are the things that will keep us from ever realizing our potential as the nation that was founded so long ago on the principles of freedom. For all. Not just those that look or think or love or worship like you. For all.

Get your heads out of your white cloaks, your pants, your asses, your bibles, your anger, and the sand. Look into your hearts. Look at the people you love. Look at the people around you. They are just like you. They love their family and their friends and their country. They don’t want anything more than you do. Respect, equality, a chance to pursue their dreams. A chance to live their lives. No one person is more entitled to that than anyone else around them.

Share. Dream. Open your minds. Open your hearts. Close your mouths until you’ve really had a chance to think about what you might say and why you might be saying it. Stop living in fear and hate. Start living like you deserve it. Like everyone else around you deserves it too. You don’t have to take away from another to get what you want. If we all work together, there’s enough for us all. More than enough.

Compassion. Hope. Understanding. Charity. Joy. Laughter. Passion. Love. Respect. Kindness. Curiosity. Open-mindedness. Acceptance. Growth. These are the things that will unite us and remind us that we are all one nation of people with the capacity to be united even in our differences. These are the things that will show us the way to celebrate, not fear, those differences and move forward together.

But if 24% of the people in Texas really think Obama is a Muslim, hell, I just don’t know. That’s pretty grim. Fear and stubborness are one thing. Racism, sheer stupidity and willful ignorance are another. Those are taught at a young age and reinforced in a rigid, unyielding environment. Reason and sanity are no match for such frightening traits. And where reason and sanity fail… well… I just don’t know how progress is ever made. And progress is our only hope for survival.

Well, that and ramen. You can live a long time on ramen. It’s cheap, man.

15 minutes until Obama’s 30 minute long ad

I can’t wait. I heard McCain will have a 30 second ad airing after it. That should be interesting. I’m curious to see what he will say about Obama now. Let’s see… he’s already thrown out socialist, marxist, un-american, un-patriotic, and elite. The cringe factor alone in what he might say next is staggering. Looks like I might get to add John McCain himself to my prestigious “ass of the day” list. To say I’ve lost any and all remnants of respect for McCain is an understatement. Is there no depth of low he won’t stoop to in his pathetic attempt to claw his way to the oval office? Apparently not. Apparently, McCain is a-ok with flaming the right wing fires of fear, hate, and division. Apparently McCain is a-ok with mudslinging, fear mongering, and name calling. Apparently McCain is a-ok with blatant lies. Apparently McCain is a-ok with bringing the entire country down on his political party’s sinking ship. But I’m sure in 41 minutes, I’ll have a lot more to say about it.

Is it just me, or….?

If the McCain campaign is going to proclaim that Senator Obama should have taken a coach flight to Hawaii to visit his sick grandmother, then it should stand that Palin should have taken a coach flight to testify in the investigation about her abuse of power scandal. But I’m pretty sure she didn’t. I’m pretty sure she hopped on the Straight-talk express courtesy of republican party donations. I could be wrong. But I don’t think so.

There are so many things wrong with the McCain campaign criticizing Obama for going to see his grandmother that I really don’t know where to begin. But I will try to muddle through.

First, it’s his grandmother. He loves her. I would venture to guess that she probably won’t still be alive on election day if he’s decided to leave the campaign trail and go visit her 12 days before an election that he doesn’t have in his pocket. Since when does putting family first catch shit from the Republican party? Isn’t that one of the things you beat your chests the loudest about?

Second, he’s a candidate for President of the United States. The election *is* in 12 days. He kinda stands out in a crowd. I don’t think *anyone* would think it’s a good idea for him to grab his carry-on bag and hop on the next Jet Blue flight. That’s just an asinine thing to say.

Third, you’re really going to criticize him for using the private jet when your candidate’s VP nominee is going to use her private jet *the next day* to go testify on her own behalf for an investigation into her abuse of power as governor? I mean, if someone should save energy and money for the purpose of personal business, wouldn’t visiting your dying grandmother be more defensible than going to give sworn testimony in your own defense for an investigation? I mean if anyone should be “coaching it” here, don’t you think it should be Ms. Palin? Or are you worried that the airlines will lose her bags and the new $150,000.00 wardrobe your constituents just purchased for her?

Fourth, what asshole thought that comment was even remotely appropriate? Who says stuff like that? Be glad I didn’t bother to get your name, random McCain staffer. You would surely have beat Joe for today’s coveted Ass of the Day award.

America, we have 11 days. Can we please not actively choose 4 more years of this bullshit?

That is all I have to say for today.

Not a Cloud in the Sky

I looked up and realized there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. I thought it seemed fitting for the occasion. It was a vast, clear, blue sky, open and endless. The thousands of people that had gathered in the field to hear Senator Obama speak also seemed to feel its possibilities. It was one of those moments that you know is important. And you know why.

The air was filled with excitement and anticipation, which is not unusual for gatherings of this kind. Political rallies are, by nature, filled with energy and enthusiasm. But this was different. There was something else. There was also hope, pure unadulterated hope.

The crowd of thousands that had gathered was comprised of people so different from one other that no other event will probably ever bring us all to the same place again. But the common desire for something more, something better, for ourselves and our country had brought us all to this field, even if just for a few hours.

Everyone waited together, a sea of strangers standing shoulder to shoulder. People who might normally avoid eye contact on the street smiled and waved to each other, all of us knowing we had something in common. We were people who before today might have thought we had nothing to share, and instead saw ourselves reflected in the most unlikely of ways.

To say that the crowd waited in anticipation would be a vast understatement. The crowd waited with a level of passion and conviction that can not be described. Every person there knew that our presence was important. Every person there knew that we mattered. Every person there knew we could make a difference; that we had to make a difference. Every person there knew that was a defining moment for us all. Every person there had a pride in our country and ourselves that only hope had given us.

The message from the podium was one of unity and change. It was eloquently delivered and resonated with the thousands who had come to hear it. Obama spoke to every one there both as a citizen and a nation. And, despite our obvious differences, we all understood the need to find and celebrate the common ground.

And in those few hours in a field in Virginia, we all knew what was really important. And we all knew that basically we agreed. As I stood surrounded by the thousands of people that had gathered, I allowed myself to believe in the possibility of unity and change. And by the end of the speech, I realized that though Obama may have facilitated it, it was the audience that convinced me it might actually happen.

The crowd was dispersing. The sun was setting, still not a cloud in the sky. It was perfectly clear. I went there to hear a speech. I wasn’t expecting to get so much more. I saw people tired of division and fear tactics. I saw people wanting a country united, strong, and healthy. I saw people who wanted to believe that anything was possible. In the thousands of faces longing for more, I saw myself.

Thank you, Senator Obama for your call for peace, fairness, and unity. Thank you for your desire to calmly lead at a time of crisis. Thank you for your call for indisputably necessary change. But most of all, thank you for placing hope back in our hands and a common purpose in our hearts. When there is hope, all things are possible. We can do it, yes we can.