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Oh but wait, there’s more!

On Oprah today:

Jill Biden: “Joe had the choice to be secretary of state or vice president,”


Joe Biden “shhhhh.”

Jill Biden: “O.K., He did. Well,”

Joe Biden: “That’s right, Go ahead.”

It then continued as she described their decision making process.

Jill Biden: “If you’re secretary of state, you’ll be away, we’ll never see you, you know, I’ll see you at a state dinner once in awhile. But I said, ‘If you are vice president, the entire family _ because they worked so hard for the election _ can be involved. They can come to our home. They can go to events, they can be with us all the time.’ And that’s what’s important to us.”

I bet Hillary is a little pissed. I would be. No one likes to be second fiddle… on national television, no less. And something tells me Hillary Clinton definately doesn’t.

Geez Jill. I like your husband. I’m super excited he’s going to be Vice-president. But come on. He tends to put his foot in his mouth enough. He doesn’t need your help.

And, that’s just not cool. At least wait until your book deal to spill that little detail. Don’t do it before the administration even takes office. Let Hillary have her day! You’ve already seen how rabid and crazed her supporters can be when she’s jilted. (Um, Harriet Christian, anyone?) Don’t fuel the fire. Don’t be a hater. Now everyone hold hands and sing Kum-ba-ya. Don’t make me tell Obama.