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Thank you, Mr. Olbermann

Dear Keith Olbermann,

I always enjoy your special commentary. I’m like a kid at Christmas when you announce that you will be having one. This evening, it was with almost a tear in my eye that I watched you question those who voted for California’s proposition 8. I ask the same question you posed every day… Why do they care?

It doesn’t have quite the same weight, though, when I say it because I *do* have a personal stake in it. I *am* one of “the gays.” I am engaged and waiting for the day that we can legally marry in our home state of Maryland. I can not make the same argument without the burden of a personal investment. I want to thank you for taking the time to comment about this, especially since you do *not* have a personal stake in it.

It will take people like you standing up and saying… “uh, WTF?” to prevent legislation like this that’s *sole purpose* is to discriminate. It will take people like you to look at this and question it and take a stand for those who can not do it on their own. It will take people like you asking, “Why do you care?” of people who are choosing to cloak their fear and ignorance and hide behind their faith and bibles when making such monumentally devastating decisions almost flippantly. It will take people like you who won’t sit by quietly and watch to turn this country around, by joining hand in hand with people like me. For taking the time to comment publicly on a topic that in no way affects you simply because you can understand that for those it does affect, its impact is staggering and devastating, I commend and thank you.

A gold star for you, sir!