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Some unsolicited advice for the DNCC about their political ads… because they OBVIOUSLY need it.

Dear DNCC,

I am a progressive. I will vote because I keep myself informed and I understand the importance of this election. Many people in this country, however, do not.

I don’t understand why you aren’t bombarding the general public with ads about the health care bill. Are you afraid there’s not a favorable opinion? You may be right. But that’s only because you have allowed the Republican party to lie, fearmonger, and contort the facts. In fact, every time people learn more about what the bill is actually doing, its favorability goes UP in the polls. Isn’t this your job? Isn’t it your responsiblity to inform and educate the public? Isn’t it in your best interest as well?

In case you just don’t know how to do it, let me offer you some suggestions. First, use real Americans in the ads- one on one to the camera. Don’t use politicians. Let them tell their stories… real, actual, true stories about how the changes in the health care laws will affect their families. Find the person whose infant with a chronic illness will now be protected from denial of coverage. Find the college students who can now be covered on their parents’ policies until they are 26. Find the parents of a child with a lifelong illness that requires constant and expensive treatments to manage, who will now be able to receive those treatments without annual or lifetime caps… I can give you a name if you need someone. It’s really not that difficult.

Why are you not only NOT running on your accomplishments, but running away from them? Why are you letting the republicans run the conversation with lies and distortions? You need to take charge and start telling the truth. Talk about the health care bill. Scared of the republican rhetoric? Remind people that they said the same things about social security and medicare (socialism, government takeover, blah blah blah). Ironically, now, these are the same programs that people now hold dear. And, thanks to republican policies, they are also for many people the only source of income for our senior citizens. Remind the country that your opponents would abolish the minimum wage, privatize veterans’ benefits and social security, and abolish the Department of Education. Show pictures of Republicans posing for photo ops with giant checks from the stimulus bill, taking credit for the positive results. And discuss the stimulus. Lay the FACTS out. Talk about what would have happened without it. Remind people that the new crop of Republicans, the “Tea-Party” (I have yet to find ONE that votes democratic) would outlaw a woman’s right to choose to terminate a pregnancy even if she is raped or a victim of incest. And as Lizz Winstead suggested on Twitter, show ads of the new work force that would be created if Republicans get their way in raising the retirement age to 70. And you could have a hefty slide show highlighting the hypocrisy of the party who wants to run on “family values” (read: anti-gay rights) with the plethora of extra-marital affairs, rentboys, hookers, teen pregnancies, gay scandals, and multiple divorces.

I GUARANTEE you that these same people touting signs about the evils of “Obamacare” will be waving signs in 20 years saying “Hands off my Obamacare”. You know it. I know it. Make your case so that the American public will realize it too. Stop being cowards. Stop letting the republicans call the shot in this debate. Stand behind what you’ve accomplished. The country is depending on you, whether they realize it or not.


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