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Senator Christian…?

Ok, so I know it’s not news to anyone reading this that Harriet Christian has asked to be considered for the open senate seat in New York. But, seriously, WTF?!?!
Ms. Christian, I can not begin to understand how your mind works. I’m sure it’s much more complicated than I can fathom. It must be. Surely there’s a better explanation for the fact that you decided to vote for and promote John McCain after Hillary Clinton lost the democratic nomination than being a sore loser. But I really can’t see it.
The possibilities are endless. A rabid Hillary supporter, OK. It’s good to be enthusiastic about your candidate. I almost voted for her. I have nothing against her. And it’s normal to be disappointed, even angry if your candidate doesn’t win. I can totally relate to disappointment and anger. It’s a daily emotion for me when considering the religious right and its predictably pious, self-serving, fear-mongering spew of vomitus. And it’s smart to question the reasons why and try to educate people about injustices and figure out how to prevent future ones from occurring. But it’s quite another thing to make nasty racist comments when your candidate doesn’t win. And that’s what you did. Oh yes it is. Y-e-s, it is.
Calling Obama an inadequate black male? Really? Not your brightest moment. Not many people can say there’s a video on YouTube of them making an ignorant racial slur against the President-elect of the United States, who is a member of their political party of choice! Way to go!
But wait, there’s more! And to then turn your back on almost every belief you have by endorsing McCain? How exactly is that going to help anything? How would that get Hillary or any progressive woman any closer to the White House? Oh wait, it wouldn’t. Now Hillary is going to be Secretary of State. I can guarantee McCain wouldn’t have been on the phone with her for ANYTHING had he been elected.
Your anger and rage over what you perceive as discrimination are no excuse for your idiotic, ignorant rant that would have only served to take our nation backwards on all of the policies that are supposedly important to you, including, and especially women’s rights. Seriously. If you’re not an outright racist, then you don’t have an ounce of common sense to balance your inane stubbornness. Had McCain won thanks to your efforts, he would have taken the nation in a distinctly opposite direction than your hero Hillary. Do you think she would like that? Do you think this nation being run by republicans for the next 4 or God forbid 8 years would pave the way for a woman (other than Palin) to run again for President? Um, no. It wouldn’t have.
You, Ms. Christian, tried to cut off your nose to spite your face. You would have cut off the legs of those trying to pass policies that you stand for. So, no I don’t understand what’s going on in that brain of yours. But I just have to hold tight to the belief that there must be some sort of logical explanation that I just can’t understand. Otherwise, I’m left to believe you are simply a bitter, angry, racist. And a sore loser at that.
And lastly, you? A senator? I don’t think so. Hell, if McCain had won, which is what you so desperately wanted to happen, that seat wouldn’t even be up for grabs, so I think it’s pretty ballsy of you to ask for it now. Stick to saying stupid things on YouTube clips. At least then your brand of crazy won’t be making any important decisions. No thank you. I’m pretty sure I’m a pretty radical feminist. The sad part is I think I probably agree with you about most things. It’s fine to be angry, in fact, you should be angry, but you’ve got to be smart, too, especially if you’re angry. Otherwise you’re just going to look like an ass… again.